Frequently Asked Questions:

What types of flooring do you offer?
We offer a large selection of carpeting, hardwood, laminate, vinyl, luxury vinyl tile, ceramic tile, cork, bamboo and area rugs.

Do you offer professional installation?
We have professional installers available for all the flooring choices we offer. We are very selective about who we allow to install for us and only use craftsmen who are experienced in residential installation, not laborers who primarily install for builders.

Do you sell material only for “do-it-yourself” projects?
While we believe we have the best installers in the industry, we always welcome those who have the time and resources to do their own installation. We are an excellent source for “do-it-yourself” projects because we offer competitive pricing as well as extensive knowledge to help with any questions you may have along the way.

If I have you install my flooring, what do I need to do to prepare?
Before you purchase your flooring we will provide you with our Measurement and Installation Prep Guide which will give you all the details you need. Below are just some of the highlights:

  • Appliances: All appliances in the installation area will need to be disconnected and moved out of the area. We will move them for you for a small fee. If we are to move them, everything on top or inside them should be removed prior to the installation. You do not need to remove all the contents from your refrigerator unless it is too heavy to move. Disconnecting and reconnecting appliances will remain your responsibility. We do not handle any water or gas lines.
  • Furniture: Installation areas must be completely cleared prior to the start of the installation. We will move large furniture pieces for a small fee. Small furniture, knick-knacks, bed linens, and closet floors will need to be cleared by you. Specialty items such as grandfather clocks, pool tables, aquariums, grand pianos, waterbeds and large entertainment centers require special arrangements.
  • Electronics: All electronic equipment will need to be disconnected and removed prior to installation. This includes computers, TVs, Stereo equipment and speakers, DVD players and video game systems.
  • Plumbing Fixtures: All toilets, utility tubs and pedestal sinks will need to be removed prior to installation.

Will my flooring installation be messy?
Most flooring installations will create some dust due to sanding, removing old flooring, cutting, etc. Weather permitting; we try to do as much as possible outside or in the garage. It is important, however, that you cover any furniture or areas that you want protected.

What if my doors won’t close after the installation?
There is a chance with any installation that your floor height will be increased and your doors will need to be trimmed in order to swing freely. You will need to make arrangements to have them cut or cut them yourself. We can recommend a company that will cut them for you. Our installers will remove and re-hand doors at no charge, assuming they fit.

Will my baseboard be removed during installation?
We do not remove and replace baseboard or shoe molding. We will remove these trim items and replace with new for a fee. If you want to reuse your existing trim, you will need to make prior arrangements to have them removed prior to installation and re-installed after installation. In either case there will be some caulking and painting/staining for you to finish after installation is complete.

What happens with my existing flooring?
Any existing flooring that cannot be installed over will need to be removed. We can remove any flooring except asbestos for a fee. Carpet will be cut into bundles that can be left at your curb for trash collection. If you decide to do your own tear-out, the area must be completely clear prior to installation. Staples must be removed or pounded into the floor, tack-strips must be removed (unless replacing carpet with carpet) and glue residue must be scraped clean.

What happens if there is an unknown issue with the subfloor?
Prior to installation, our installers or measure professionals will evaluate your subfloor conditions as best as possible without removing the existing flooring. Any known prep needs will then be including in your estimate. However, it is impossible to predict with certainty what your subfloor’s condition is until old flooring has been removed. If at the point of removal previously unknown issues appear, we will give you an estimate to fix the issue if possible, or recommend you seek a professional contractor to fix issues that are beyond the scope of flooring installation. We will not proceed with the installation until all issues have been properly explained to you and resolved.

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